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... Modeling June 11 2013 MapReduce made simple with Akka As you probably already know Akka can make your life a lot easier when it comes to things like concurrency and scalability A very typical use case for starting to use Akka is when you have a computation or algorithm of some sort that lends itself to parallelizing Implementing that with just core Java is cumbersome error prone and it will feel like you are reinventing the wheel every time you do it Akka will for example enable you to take advantage of all the cores in your CPU or maybe even the CPUs of several machines without having to worry about the evils of things like threads lock semaphores etc and not to mention the hassle of trying to distribute the computations Read more Posted by Daniel Sawano 0 comments Email This BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Links to this post Labels Akka Concurrency Java February 12 2013 Java based configuration in Spring An introduction If you have not started using Java based configuration in your Spring projects you really should take a look at it since it is a very valuable tool to master Java based configuration has been supported right out of the box since Spring 3 0 so it has become quite complete by now with the stable release being 3 2 x at the time of writing this post Personally I have found that I hardly ever use any XML configuration files in Spring projects that I create nowadays And as a side note if I am also able to use an application server that supports Servlet 3 0 I can even get rid of my web xml file Thus eliminating a big part of the XML based configuration usually needed Ok but why You might ask Well if you think about it there are a lot of benefits of having your configuration in code instead of in XML Read more Posted by Daniel Sawano 0 comments Email This BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Links to this post Labels Java Spring Spring MVC XML September 6 2012 Not using Spring Data yet Well you should and here s why In pretty much every single project you will ever work in there will be a need to persist data Typically you will use things like JPA Hibernate and similar APIs Using these APIs is a huge step forward compared to the good ol days when we didn t have things like O R mappings and nice transactional APIs but had to fiddle around with JDBC connections rolling back transactions reading from result sets and whatnot 1 But still pretty much all of the work you do every time you create a repository class for your entities is plumbing You are creating nothing but boiler plate code And time spent on boilerplate code is time wasted because you are writing code that adds no real value but still...

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